“To Gather the End-Time Harvest”

Matthew 9:37-38, “Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.”

  • Kings & Priests (Men’s Ministry)
    Kings and Priests is a pioneering and influential ministry designed for men to acquire the crucial kingdom skill sets to serve their homes, the house of God, and their communities effectively. Through gatherings such as roundtables, conferences and father & son retreats, men of all ages are provided with a confidential and non-threatening environment to be uplifted and equipped to embrace their predestined roles as providers, leaders and protectors. Kings & Priests is a brotherhood where men are launched into being an asset to the Kingdom of God and not a liability!
  • Naomi’s House (Women's Ministry)
    Naomi’s House is a refreshing and revolutionary sisterhood tailored to the spiritual, natural, and social growth of all women. This ministry is designed to equip women with the necessary tools to walk in Purpose, Power, and Prosperity! With creative Biblical teachings, interactive sessions, conferences and mother & daughter times, women are uplifted and directed to living their best lives. It’s a place of evolution where women are taught to dream beyond their means and leap beyond limitations! Whatever life has dealt you, there is a place of recovery in Naomi’s House.
  • H.Y.P.E. Youth Ministry (Teen Ministry)
    Holy Young People Excelling for Christ is a movement of young Christian’s ages 0-19 that are sold out to setting, standing on, and living God’s holy standards by any means necessary. Youth are nurtured and taught biblical principles by designated age groups which ignites their fire for God and pushes them to operate in their gifts, talents and abilities. Through radical worship encounters, conferences, youth outings and weekly bible study, children of all ages are taught to achieve the standards of holy living through God’s word. H.Y.P.E. Youth is a movement commissioned to keeping Jesus infamous!
  • Marriage 2 the Max (Marriage Ministry)
    Marriage 2 the Max is a cutting edge ministry dedicated to Refueling, Rekindling, and Reconnecting kingdom marriages. Seminars, retreats, and exciting fellowships, are hosted quarterly to provide each couple with qualities that will ensure a healthy, happy, and wholesome life together. Here couples grow to be and remain strong in Christ, rich in love, and prosperous in life, so that they can continue standing firm as ONE!
  • Maximizing Life Network (Singles Ministry)
    The Maximizing Life Network is a network of singles committed to living their lives to the fullest! Men and women learn strategies to live their dreams, know their desires and walk in their destiny before the transition into marriage. Members of M.L.N. are ensured to be ministered to on a level that they can best relate because gatherings are broken down by age groups. The Maximizing Life Network is designed to guarantee that whether single or divorced each participant is living full lives and dying empty with nothing left for the grave!
Church Ministries

With over 40 in-house auxiliary ministries that cater to family and development,  the Harvest Tabernacle Church is a ministry dedicated to building families, building marriages, and building people to win.


For more further details on how you can get involved, check out these ministries listed.

Senior Pastor Apostle Travis C. Jennings “We’re building families, building marriages, building people to win… The Harvest Tabernacle Church is Gathering the End-Time Harvest”

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